What is Mindful Parenting?

"In these times of ongoing uncertainty, parenting remains filled with stress and anxiety.  This self-directed Mindful Parenting course, taught online by my friend Educational Consultant and Mindfulness Educator Nancy Siegel, offers parents and caregivers practical mindfulness exercises for themselves and their children.   Nancy shares the neuroscience in a straightforward, accessible way that allows all ages to understand the research behind the practice.  This course is a must for overwhelmed parents who are looking to bring more calm into their homes." 

~ Dr.  Christopher Willard, author, faculty at Harvard Medical School

In today's climate of COVID, social media, and overexposure to content all the time, it is important more, now than ever, to teach our children how to be mindful.

Mindfulness stems well beyond learning to breathe and being in the moment. It teaches children to cope with all kinds of issues. 

Mindfulness is widely considered an effective approach for adults, children, and adolescents with aggression, ADHD, and anxiety.

This course teaches you how to bring mindfulness into your lives and, as a result, into your children's lives.

This is for you whether you are a seasoned mindfulness practitioner or completely new to it. This course can help you and your family establish more calm. 

In this course, you will learn tools and techniques to develop and enhance your own mindfulness practice. 

You will be able to better equip your children with the tools they need in order to be youth that are self-aware, self-regulated, responsible, and caring citizens. 

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Why is mindfulness important?

  • Current neuroscience studies show that those that practice mindfulness can change their brains and the way they react.

  • Mindfulness allows us to be more calm, centered, self-aware, self-regulated and as a result more emotionally resilient.

  • Mindfulness helps us make good decisions, stay focused and respond better to emotional triggers.

What's Included?

  • What is Mindfulness?

    We first explore what mindfulness is and how it is important to implement in everyday life. You'll learn how to introduce it to your children and how to help them practice it. You will learn introductory exercises to start implementing it.

  • Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness

    SEL teaches children how to handle stress and deal with conflict better, have empathy, and how to work on a team. You'll learn the basis of SEL and exercises that are SEL based and rooted in mindfulness.

  • Neuroscience and Mindfulness

    This module delves deep into the developing brain of children. Practicing mindfulness can help children learn to focus, manage stress, regulate emotions and develop a positive outlook.

  • Exercises

    Each module includes exercises that are in video format. You and your children will be able to just click play and follow along.

Saying to yourself: I just can't find the time?

I know you're busy and it might be difficult to fit yet another task on your to-do list but this course is made just for you!

  • You have lifetime access to this course. That means you can go at your own pace and revisit content when you need to.

  • Each module comes with exercise videos included. Visit the exercises when you or your child feel overwhelmed and need ways to calm down in the moment.

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Did You Know?

  • 90% of children demonstrated improved ability to get along with other children after practicing mindfulness.

  • 80% of children were more optimistic and had an enhanced self-concept, self-regulation and self-management after practicing mindfulness.

  • 75% of children improved their planning and organizational skills and had better impulse control after practicing mindfulness.

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